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About Ritzmak Consulting

RITZ-MAK INTERNATIONAL is a client-centric consulting agency that does well in quality value-adding services, we are made up of seasoned, specialized and experienced consultants who are willing to inform you of the tactics you need to keep in mind

We offer advisory services to intending students who are willing to study abroad or process their admissions, vital knowledge and understanding of abroad educational systems, educational empowerment, visa processing, training, and appropriate information on the federal skilled worker program as well as visiting visas

Our Visa related services

At Ritzmak, we give you an amazing Traveling and schooling abroad experience

Lets us help you achieve that dream of traveling abroad, whether you want to get admission into any university abroad, you want a visiting visa or permanent relocation, we can help you

  • Work while studying
  • Scholarship
  • High visa success rate
  • Relocation made easy











  • Admission Processing and Placement
  • Educational counseling
  • Accommodation services
  • Career Counselling
  • School visits and Seminars
  • ILETS Registration and Preparation
  • Profiling and University Selection
  • Application Assistance

Your dream of traveling or schooling abroad is very possible with Ritzmak

Our commitment to professional excellence ensures that our clients receive the highest quality service. We aspire to provide flawless execution and delivery of our products and services to make your dream a reality..

Lets make your dream of schooling abroad in a good university a reality…..

Looking for options for processing admissions and studying abroad in Nigeria? RITZ-MAK INTERNATIONAL is an overseas educational consultant for processing admission and study abroad. We deliver you customized plans, based on your educational background, financial conditions, and courses you want to pursue, and colleges or country you are looking forward to getting admitted to we also have the lists of countries that can easily be relocated to study.

We guide students in helping them choose institutions of interest, we provide academic, personal, and therapeutic support for a broad array of students.


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Real transformation

We have helped so many young Africans get admission abroad, read what few of them have to say.

My schooling Abroad was made very easy by Ritzmak Consulting. in fact, the whole process took a a very short time.
Uche, Abuja Nigeria
I thought it was going to be very expensive and difficult to get admission abroad. But i was proved wrong by Ritzmak.
Prince, Lagos Nigeria