Ritz Consulting

RITZ-MAK INTERNATIONAL is a client-centric consulting agency that does well in quality value-adding services, we are made up of seasoned, specialized and experienced consultants who are willing to inform you the tactics you need to keep in mind.

We offer advisory services to intending students who are willing to study abroad or process their admissions, vital knowledge and understanding on abroad educational systems, educational empowerment, visa processing, trainings, and appropriate information on federal skilled worker program as well as visiting visas.

With consulting both onsite and virtual, we can help you both identify and address structures and process to improve upon. OUR SUCCESS IS BUILT ON ABILITY TO SUCCEED

Our services include but are not limited to: processing admission abroad, visa processing, assist with FSWP-Federal Skilled Worker program and Visiting visas.

Our Visa related services

At Ritzmak, we give you an amazing Traveling and schooling abroad experience

Lets us help you achieve that dream of traveling abroad, whether you want to get admission into any university abroad, you want a visiting visa or permanent relocation, we can help you

  • Work while studying
  • Scholarship
  • High visa success rate
  • Relocation made easy