Youth Empowerment

All youth today need to learn how to feel good about themselves. They need to know how to be responsible for their own actions and how to handle threats to their safety and security while relying on themselves. They need self-confidence.

RITZ-MAK INTERNATIONAL is an agency that has helped to address the gaps of diversity, empower youth across all areas of life, capacity building youth involvement in service projects, civic engagement, philanthropy, and decision making, through youth empowerment programs, skill acquisition, and self-reliance programs.

We are committed to investing in the lives of youth and we are driven by individual, initiative, teamwork, and youth-adult partnerships.


  • Encouraging skill acquisition
  • Encouraging Self-reliance
  • Encouraging service-learning
  • Community projects and action
  • Philanthropy
  • Youth-employment programs
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Volunteering programs


Empowering youth through skills that young people needs in today’s world is one of our primary goals. Youth are often the first adopters to mobile technologies, which can empower them to participate in community decision-making. RITZ-MAK INTERNATIONAL Provides the participatory approaches and mobile technology tools to efficiently learn and participate.

We also build the self-reliance that young people need in today’s world

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